farewell, whitney houston.

Whitney Houston dead at 48.

The admirable Whitney Houston has passed away in unknown circumstances, at the Beverley Hill Hotel overnight. 

The 48 year-old had been battling with her history of drug use, which had evidentially had an impact on her stunning career, her album purchases plummeting as a result. 

In an interview with Dianne Sawyer (ABC), she infamously stated, “The biggest devil is me. I’m either my best friend or my worst enemy”. 

Houston’s death comes as a tragic loss on the eve of this year’s Grammy Awards, and will no doubt have an impact on the coming celebrations of the night. 

The Pop Queen influenced today’s stars, Chritstina Aguileria and Mariah Carey, and will go down in a long history of the world’s saddening celebrity losses. 

Rest in peace, Whitney.