where there is division, there is unity.

It’s Australia Day 2012 and it has certainly been one to remember for the political leaders of the nation. 

In an innocent celebration of our special day, Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott were forced to unite as a team, when angry mobs attacked their location today. 

Just over 200 furious protestors took to the scene, pushing through dozens of armed police to get to the two leaders. 

(You can view the footage at this link: Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott attacked on Australia Day.)

Abbott has been blamed for incident, after his recent comment that the Aboriginal violence from Australia’s past “should now be moved on” from. 

Together, the pair made a mad dash to their cars, but were forced to share the backseat of Gillard’s, when the police struggled to get them to safety. 

Losing her shoe, Gillard was dragged down the steps of the building, where a protestor picked up her shoe as a “trophy”. 

The scene has made a disturbing mark on the nation’s special day.