you da one.

Chris Brown and Rihanna.

We all thought it was over for good, or perhaps we just really wanted to see the end of it, but R’n’B star Rihanna, has been spotted hooking up with former boyfriend and fellow singer, Chris Brown. 

The couple split in 2009, after Chris Brown was found guilty of bashing Rihanna in his car, leaving her with a black eye, a broken jaw and severe concussion. 

Rihanna after 2009 bashing. Sourced from TMZ Magazine.

Now rumours are floating around Hollywood of the couple reuniting, with both of their therapists supporting the move if the relationship has certain conditions; according to Rihanna’s psychologist, friends with benefits is definitely off the list of choices. 

Perhaps Rihanna simply thinks Chris is ‘da one’, or maybe she is about to head into another round of ‘Russian Roulette’. 

Did somebody say ‘S.O.S’?