shore thing.

Queensland’s tourism team are keeping a keen eye on hit-reality television show, Jersey Shore, with its success in the U.S giving Australia something to fuss over. 

The tourism committee have admitted that they are interested in meeting with the producers of the show, after two former stars of the past series have told the public they are willing to film a new season Downunder. 

Known for its beautiful Gold Coast shores and sandy beaches, Queensland is ready to bring in the reality action, whilst the cast have told E! News that they would like to experience the Australia culture. 

One added they were in for the ride because of the “hot chicks”. 

Gold Coast, Queensland.

Jersey Shore, originally filmed in New Jersey, has continuously put eight party-gooers in one house, to observe their behaviour. It goes without saying that the series has been controversial and always a hot topic for discussion of the negative behaviour of young adults in the U.S. 

The spokeswoman of Tourism Queensland is now calling for the Australian public to express their interest in having a future season hosted on the Gold Coast.