thar’ she blows.

An Italian cruise ship sunk on Friday evening, after hitting a sandbar off the coast of Giglio.

The Costa Concordia began to take in water after a large bang was heard by passengers, who were enjoying a relaxed dinner. 

Initially, passengers were told that an electrical fault was to blame for the overwhelming noise, before later confirming that the 290m vessel had in fact hit an obstacle. 

Beginning to tilt 20 degrees to its side, the Costa Concordia quickly became a scene of manic and mayhem. 

Costa Concordia sinks.

Passenger boats and helicopters managed to evacuate a majority of the 4,000 passengers, with some being left to swim 400m to the shore. Scuba divers are still accounting for survivors of the submerged ship.

In a similar incident three years ago, another Costa vessel crashed into a dock in Egypt, killing three crew members. 

Six people have been confirmed dead, and hundreds of the survivors are now suffering from severe hypothermia.