kick start.

Lately I have been thinking about the sort of things that we depend on in our lives, so much so that we can barely function when they are taken from us. 


As a voluntary action, I have decided to kick my caffeine addiction, which could be seen to as almost my personal signature. 

We all need a new years resolution and I have decided to rid of energy drinks from my lifestyle, as a part of my new healthy eating attempt. The healthy eating part is not so hard; I have never truly eaten badly. I don’t let myself get to that stage. 

But withdrawing myself from caffeine has made me realise the sorts of things that we don’t realise are having such a major effect on our lives. Perhaps beforehand, I knew I consumed it too much, but completely taking it out of my life has made me vulnerable and irritable. 

I write this, not to complain and whinge about my cravings for an ice-cold, caffeine-infused beverage, but for my realisation of the little things in life that actually become big burdens or obsessions. 

What are you shamefully addicted to, and how will you kick it in 2012?