the one that got away.

Katy Perry and Russell Brand split.

It’s become well-known news now, but I feel compelled to spill the goss to those that aren’t completely in the know. 

US pop sensation, Katy Perry has ended her marriage with comedian, Russell Brand, after he filed for divorce last Friday. 

The couple split after “relentless fighting” over Christmas, and spent the holidays apart. 

Now, Russell Brand is set to make off with a $30 million fortune, as a result of Katy Perry’s  superstar career. This comes as a result of the couple’s decision not to sign a prenuptial, and the automatic 50/50 split of their earnings, under the Californian law. 

It is reported that Perry is now worth almost $70 million, after her past year of outstanding success in singing, acting and ongoing commercials.

 Sources close to the couple are stating that Brand was unable to accept that Perry was a bigger star than him, and that the ongoing tension between them drew them apart. 

The divorce comes after a 14 month marriage, between the two. 


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