caught P!nk handed.

Sorry to dim your light, if you are a screaming adolescent female who is crushing hard on one Reece Mastin, but what did you say his song was called?

In a recent conversation with friends, I finally caught up with my subconcience – that awful, nagging feeling when you can’t quite pinpoint how something new seems already familiar to you.

Meet Reece Mastin.

Reece Mastin

Only 16 years of age, and the boy is selling a single every 2.7 seconds. He’s your good-old, Aussie Justin Bieber.

Claiming the title of X-Factor Australia 2011, Reece was signed by ARIA for a platinum record label, and is now enjoying the celebrity lifestyle that he endeavoured to be a part of.

But the star teenager is already in hot water, after accusations that his debut – and chart-topping – single, “Good Night” was ripped off from P!nk’s “Raise Your Glass”.

The single was written by Australian Idol runner up, Hayley Warner, and is currently that nagging  feeling in your head that has you wondering where you have heard it before.

Those not so much in favour of Reece are asking for the teen to be legally punished for his debut.

However, website The claim that the song should be appreciated for it’s link in the lyrics to the television show experience itself.

“The lyrics of ‘Good Night’, after all, do reflect the experience of watching the finale of a TV talent quest show.” – The Vine

Others have been quick to to state that P!nk’s “Raise Your Glass” sounded a lot like Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream”.

C’mon guys, Raise Your Glass; Reece just wants to live his Teenage Dream of having a Good Night.

Can anyone say plagiarism?

See the video clips for both singles, below.