jong gone.

Communist dictator, Kim Jong-Il died on the scene of a train today, after he suffered a severe heart attack. 

The 69 year-old ruler, who took reign over North Korea for 17 years, endured immense stress during a business train ride on Monday, resulting in a breakdown. 

The North are reporting followers weeping and “writhing in pain” in the streets, as they grieve the loss of their authoritarian leader. 

South Korea have increased their defence over concern of an uprise in the North, with the North’s military forces previously disagreeing with Jong-Il’s son’s leadership (Kim Jong-un), when he took a temporary reign in 2008 – the first and only time Jong-un experienced ruling North Korea during the duration of his father’s recovering from a stroke. 

Kim Jong-Il as represented on "Team America".

Now, with Jong-un being announced as the Great Successor, fears that the 27 year-old will struggle to bring the state back from “mismanagement” under Kim Jong-Ill’s reign, are becoming common. 

It has been estimated that more than 1 million people died from famine in the 1990s, during the leadership of Jong-Il. The state’s crops are still struggling to feed the masses of 25 million people. 

But the biggest concern – globally – is that of Kim Jong-Ils previous power over the North’s nuclear advantage and possession, after the state established major progress in being able to create and possess an atomic bomb. 

Enter the reign of Kim Jong-un.