the dark knight rises.

It has been a while since the world witnessed the epic performance of Christian Bale and

Official teaser poster for 'The Dark Knight'

the sadly-lost Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight in 2008,  but suspense is now making a comeback.

The newest trailer for the sequel, The Dark Knight Rises, has just been released (unofficially) to the public. The film will bring the conclusion of Bale’s journey as Batman, and perhaps introduce us to a few enchanting additions to series, including Anne Hathaway, as the endearing Catwoman. 

Anne Hathaway as Catwoman.

Continuing on from the last film’s final scene, the sequel will follow Batman’s journey as he rises from his fall as a consequence of Harvey Dent’s death. Here, a new villain – and terrorist mastermind– Bane, will take to the stage for the newest showdown in Gotham. 

But to every hero’s journey, there is a conclusion. 

The film is set for release in 2012.