realising reality.

Thanks to my current addiction (and overwhelming obsession) with Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Saga, I have been finding myself sitting and wondering about the confines of my own life. 

Watching the newest release of Breaking Dawn, which hit cinemas last Thursday, I let my mind ponder what it would be like to live in such a magical, anything-is-possible sort of world. If the realm of reality allowed you to believe in anything, be it a romance with a handsome vampire (who also happened to be a wizard at Hogwarts at some stage), would you still Iive life to its fullest?

What I mean by this is plain simple: would you take every chance, and use all your potential, if life granted you the promise of having something magical in the end? If you knew life could be so much of a fantasy, would you still dream of how a fantasy life could be? 

The fact that life is so straight-forward and clean-cut, makes me think that it was done so that our minds could wonder to another realm (such as in film or text) to dream of another fantastical world. If you did live as a teenage girl who ends up smack bang in the middle of a love triangle, consisting of a wolf and a vampire, would you believe that your particular world is one that people would dream of (or even pay to witness and read), or would you be yet pondering a life that is perhaps even further bewildering and magical?

Can we ever truly be satisfied with the life we live, or are we always yearning for something we will never have?