becoming a part of the flock.

We all struggle sometimes with the thought of becoming one of the masses. Whether it is because you like your “individuality”, or whether you just truly like to stand out, you just like being your own person. 

That’s me in a nutshell, but today I changed my ways.  


I received an Amazon Kindle from my boyfriend of two years as a generous gift this evening. Much to my surprise, I fell completely in love with it almost too instantly. For anyone that knows me well enough, this is a shocking revelation to discover that perhaps I like something that is anti-novelist. If that is even the right way to put it. 

In a previous post I mentioned my new-found appreciated for e-Readers, and here I find myself yet again jabbering on about how I may have taken this technological advancement for granted. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good book. And by book, I mean a few hundred pages bound together in a hard form, not some crappy serif font that is clogging up my MacBook’s screen. 

I just can’t deal with reading off my computer, hence my previous fear that technology would eventually bring the novelty of holding an actual book in my hand, to extinction. 

The Amazon Kindle is a fantastically wicked device. Not only is it digital (and somewhat against the traditional novel) it is also sleekly addictive and interactive. I have had it for 5 hours now, and my eyes are struggling to stray away from it. 

So here’s to my point. You can love something for as long as you want, but in the future, you are going to have to become one of the flock. Maybe you won’t like how that flock flies, and maybe it won’t make you a lone wander who is sentimental and traditional (yet again, like myself). But it will make you more in contact with today’s age, and I have my new Kindle (who I already embarrassingly nickname “Kinny”) to thank for keeping me aware of technology, but still being able to appreciate the traditional pleasure of sentimentalism.