the unreliable inevitability.

It only takes one or two little things to set you off into a whirlwind of you own. Maybe you are busy with a schedule that is too clogged for your own liking. Maybe you are too empty of fulfilling emotions to genuinely feel happy. Most of the time, it is the little things that come together to form something that seems gigantic. Perhaps monstrous. Especially if you are female.

But sometimes these little beasts (which are indeed monstrous), can dwell in your mind like a horrid smell; you can’t get rid of it, you can’t run from it.

I’ve noticed the past few weeks that it takes a lot of courage to be happy. It takes a lot of confidence and willingness to set yourself aside from all the negativity, and truly say, “Hey look. I am happy. Got it?”.

It takes a lot of effort to do this, because we as humans are proned to expect misery and misfortune. We know it is life, we know it is inevitable. Thus, we find ourselves curling up in our sheets, scoffing chocolate and wiping away the running mascara from our eyes. It’s a sad life for us females, because we know that at some stage, it will be just that. We prepare a little too well.

What makes the inevitable completely unreliable is the torturous trait of being so much assimilated to a roller coaster. I hate roller coasters โ€“ the ride, life…whatever. I hate roller coasters.

If I could have it my own way, life would be straight. One path, one direction, with certainty that brings only happiness and rainbows and lollypops. However, there is no such thing as this yellow brick road, nor is there one path, or one direction in life. And it is certainly not straight.

But think of this. If life was one unwinding road, we’d expect too much of everything. We’d expect to have our hearts broken. We’d expect to fail at succeeding. We’d expect that at some point, we will suffer loss. We expect all this, because there are no twists or turns that give life that bounce and surprise that we crave so much, and we’d already be prepared for it all.

So yes, life is inevitable. There are some things we just know will happen. Females prepare. Prepare. Prepare. Over-prepare. We know how to cry on que. The unreliability of when the possible will become inevitable is what stops the little, bothering beasts turning into gigantic monsters.

We’d have a lot less smiles in the world if unexpected was expected.