the flying roo lands.

Qantas has grounded all of its flights, both international and domestic, after Julia Gillard demanded the long-going pay dispute be resolved indefinitely. 

The airline giant has been under the microscope with the Fair Work Act, as well as government supervision, after employees sought industrial action to make a stand on their discontent with the current pay system. 

Gillard explained that her intervening in the situation was due to nothing but the average Australian’s conflict of interest and safety. 

“I believe Australians want to see this sorted out…My aim as Prime Minister is to see this dispute resolved – that is why we took this decision today.” (The Herald Sun). 

Qantas, the airline and government unions were ordered to sit a hearing at 10pm tonight, to discuss the future of the company, with all further flights grounded. 

Gillard has expressed her fears that the future of Qantas will effect Australia’s economy and reputation.

Qantas and the union have been given 21 days to reach a compromise, whilst a lockout on all staff begins on Monday.