iOS 5.

Just in case you have forgotten, iOS5 is due for release for Apple iPhones and iPads on October 12th.

So for Australian Apple users, like me, this long-awaited day is two sleeps away. 

However, critics are claiming that the new intergration system will still be behind Android and Blackberry technology, with the new features already existing on other smartphone systems.

Still, this means nothing if you are a religious Apple fanatic; for some, this is Jobs’s last gift to them, after losing his battle with cancer last week.

Here’s a little something to keep you excited (or to keep you saying “pfft” if you are really that anti-Apple).

According to, iOs5 will feature Siri, a deep voice integration service that allows for common conversation with your device.

“It also reaches for a more conversational tone in its voice search. Ask it “do I need an umbrella today?” and the phone could reply “yes, it sure looks like rain”. A new microphone icon will soon join the virtual keyboard.” –

An apple a day, guys.