midas touch.

Everything Facebook touches, turns to gold..

..well not quite.

If you’re a religious Facebook networker, it is likely you have come across the apparent Gold account that you have been told you will need to purchase, in order to access certain areas of the site.

It sounds just as fancy as it sounds a scam.

And, indeed it is.

The “$9.99” charge to your Facebook account will be recieved by none other than a team of scammers, working off the rumours  that CEO Mark Zuckerberg has introduced a VIP GOLD membership into the multi-billion dollar coporation.

But before you reach for your credit cards, it would perhaps be best to warn you that these claims are nothing more than your average load of…well…”garbage”.

Many news sites are claiming that Zuckerberg has stated that Facebook will always remain a free service, but only the future will tell.


Scammer image emerging on Facebook.