Mr. Sheen

Tonight revealed all with the season premiere of Two and a Half Men‘s ninth series, introducing Ashton Kutcher as the newest addition to the cast.

Charlie Sheen meets Ashton Kutcher backstage at the Emmy's, to wish him good luck.

But it was not just a grand new beginning for Kutcher, whom is being paid almost $21 million for one season of the show.

Charlie Sheen, the show’s primary character and focus for the past eight years, has finally come to a settlement with Warner Bros. for his exclusion from any future seasons.

His character, Charlie Harper, was killed off tonight, leaving Sheen a $125 million payout by the production company, to end all contact with the show.

Meanwhile, the ninth season premiere still managed to bring laughs to the small screen, giving audiences the hope that the show will remain the beloved comedy that they enjoy so much.

Did you enjoy Ashton Kutcher’s debut?