I’m sorry I cannot kiss you sweetly, someone stole something from me. I hear I will never get it back, but they told me I will see you again, from somewhere high above. I’m sorry I cannot hug you tight, to properly console your fears. I hear it isn’t dark up there, but I promise I’ll be closer than your heart is to your chest. I’m sorry I will not be there, to watch you grow so strong. I’m sorry I will not be there to see your dreams win over your tiny heart. I promise you one day we’ll meet, in a land not so far away. Where no flames will strike to tear us apart, or flourish in our misery. One day you’ll understand why people turn to bad, and why others seek to hurt. I’m sorry I cannot be there, to show you how to put things right, but I will never leave.  Tonight will be a darker night, but a tomorrow is around the corner. I’m sorry you are crying now, and wishing things were different. Remember, little one, one day things will change. One day I’ll be right with you, where evil has no ways. 

Rest in peace, the victims that lost their lives in the 9/11 terrorist attacks.