this day in age.

Being a sentimental sort of person, it doesn’t take me much to become obsessed over something that is less than impressive.

In my life, most of the people I have come across in my daily doings, are uninterested in the love of language that I adore so dearly.

Thus, my boyfriend, whom is less than impressed by the joys of flicking a page here and there of a great novel.

The Amazon Kindle e-Reader.

Wandering through the shopping centre today, I found myself involved in a heated discussion over the technological advances of Australian (and perhaps worldwide) electronics, which are becoming the ‘social norm’ and the new upgrades of everything we love so dearly.

I’m the sort of person that still sticks to the good old phrase of, “if something is good, why change it?”, but society seems to go by some other rule that I am unaware of.

Living in a country like Australia makes me less prone to freaking out about the sorts of advances in the world, which are taking the average person for granted.

To live in Japan, for example, would probably have me clawing at my heart.

However, dawdling through the shops today, I was introduced by my boyfriend to the Amazon Kindle, a beloved device to the gadget-obsessed, and the enemy of those who value the traditional novel.

In previous posts, and my other works (if you have happened to stumble upon them), I have given rants about my hatred towards these e-Readers, and for many good reasons.

But, retracting some of my statements, I am inclined to state that, perhaps these devices are not the devil’s spawn.

The Kindle is a neat little thing, something I wouldn’t mind holding in my hand. Slim, neat and compact, the Kindle offers savvy readers the passionate experience that they expect from an average novel.

If you know me well enough, you would know the disgust I have in the features of such a gadget, whereby I gain no pleasure from reading off of an electronic screen. And there are no pages to turn..

Oh, the horror!

BUT, alas, the Kindle offers something that I find myself attracted to; the book-like feel that I pick up a novel for. The screen has the exact similarity to a proper novel’s pages, hence I find myself unable to detest the reader.

It’s also not touch screen, which for once, I find allouring.

So, Amazon, I offer you my satisfaction with your product, and perhaps you give me some sort of glimmer of hope and comfort in the fact that one day, as a writer and passionate reader, I will have to conform to this advancement in technology.

This is a big step for me!