Channel Nine's, "Underbelly: Razor".

Sunday nights have become that much better with the release of Channel Nine’s Underbelly Razor, first airing on the 21st of August. 

The show has been advertised by Nine’s network on any opportunity they get – and why wouldn’t be, it’s the “event of the year”, right?

Unfortunately for the authors, who were not scripted to write the past seasons of the hit-television show, Razor has been labelled as “dull” by Fairfax Media, despite the budget for the production being one of the biggest in Australia’s recent television history. 

Well, you can’t please everyone, and the Sunday Morning Herald is exactly less than impressed. 

“While Razor is underpinned by the themes that marked the previous Underbelly instalments – crime, violence, sex, drama and drugs – it’s a virtual reboot for a franchise that is no longer a guaranteed ratings powerhouse.” -SMH

The cast from the show have admitted that everyone had been suffering from nerves, with the first episode going to air, claiming it was running the risk of “going too far”, but the producers deemed that was what audiences wanted to see.  (SMH)

However, the show has merely been put down to a naked lady sitting in the bath for much of the time, and another being brutally bashed by her husband for the rest. 

Whatever the shows intentions, it is certainly turning heads; Sydney’s past is a frantic and devastating one, one that not enough of Australian’s are aware of.