Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, has quit his role in technology giant, Apple, passing on the position to Tim Cook. 

As Jobs’s right hand man, Cook was next in line to take reign over the company, which he took over on Wednesday morning.

After recently beating pancreatic cancer and introducing the world to the iPhone, Jobs has decided it is finally time to kick back.

The 55 year-old has also been warned by doctors to keep a calm and steady lifestyle, if the risk of cancer arises again, leaving Jobs the heartbreaking decision to leave his beloved Apple Inc.

The team at Apple are entirely confident in Cook, claiming that he has the leadership and skillmanship that Jobs used to run the company since 1970.

Though it marks the end of an area for Jobs and Apple alike, there will surely be more to come from that inspirational piece of fruit that we love so much.

Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, quits.