the block shock.

Sunday night brought the surprise win of Polly and Waz, the renovator newbies on Australian reality television show, The Block, who took home the $100 thousand grand prize. 

The auction was a disappointing and painful process for all the couples, with Polly and Waz only just reaching a $15,000 profit over their reserve, a major drop from the winners profit of $250 thousand, in 2010.

The winning house in Richmond, for 'The Block'.

Unfortunately for the other couples, their houses were unable to burst outside their own reserves.

Now, the couple return to their New South Wales home, in hopes to enjoy their winnings, despite being uninterested in marriage.

“I don’t mind what actually goes on there,” Polly said. “We want to enjoy this at the moment. Come back to me in 12 to 18 months.” [couriermail].

But like any reality television show, the drama is still rolling in, with Consumer Affairs investigating an apparent deliberate undervaluing of the houses.

The pair were not the favourites for Sunday’s win, but the two definitely have the nation talking.