the beginning of the end.

August 21, and the revolts are stumbling to an end.

Masses of rebels stormed into Tripoli, the heart of the dictator’s long reign, to take control of the situation, firing shots in celebration.

Those held inside the location took to waving flags in support of the takeover, condemning Gahdafi and his followers.

The rebels occupied the city well into this morning, in order to maintain a protest against the pro-Gahdafi teams that still took to the streets of Tripoli.

As the scene unfolded, masses of Tripoli residents armed the rebel troops, as a gesture of support and celebration.

It has been reported that Ghadafi has fled to the border, attempting to escape the country.

Barrack Obama addressed the situation, claiming that the “future of Libya is in the hands of the Lybian people”


The Lybian people are now ordering for Ghadafi to be found alive.