think. forget.

In the right of human existence, we fall responsible for the liveliness of another. Walk, we roam into realms of each other’s wellbeing. Trip, we fall into mine-shafts of the heartbreak in hell.

In the right of human existence, we itch for the settling of our entire peace and fortune. Pray, we must call for the moon’s dance. Wish, we whisper sincerities to that of the above, where they too, share their faith.

Shadows beneath our feet, stretch not to the tips of our fingers; disillusioned, we have no guiding company. Sleep, there we become another. Dream, to become the other.

In the morning we will have our regrets, lost in the uneasiness of the mind’s tricks. Think, we will of everything curious. Forget, we will try to redeem all that we ever were.

Think. Forget. Think. Forget.