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Your News Feed on Twitter is most likely whirling with warnings to close off any connection to your Paypal account and any personal details that are contained within it.

Otherwise known as the Antisec Movement, the push for users to ‘act with their feet’ and shut down their accounts, has been called for by the allegiance labelling itself as, Anonymous.

Antisec claims that Paypal has been assisting the government in hunting down the members of Wikileaks and funding them to do so.

Now, in a united front, Paypal members are declining rapidly in numbers, with the website is now facing more than 9,000 accounts being closed by the end of the week.

In relation to this action, Facebook is experiencing backlash from its users, with Antisec and Anonymous stating that the social-networking giant is ‘censoring’ its users accounts – focusing on activists.

It is a big week for online giants.