no mercy.

As much of the world would know, Norway was hit by the “biggest, devastating attacks since World War One” [ABC News] over the weekend, resulting in more than 90 dead and mass amounts of the location destructed.

Mass-murderer, Breivik.

Dressed as a policeman, Anders Behring Breivik detonated a bomb outside of the Prime Minister’s office on late Friday afternoon, before moving onto the island of Utoya to open fire on youth-goers at a Labour Party celebration.

The 32 year-old was said to have been “kicking wounded in the head, before shooting them dead”, showing no mercy for the living around him, and has been described as a “right-wing extremist”.

Victims around him stopped to attempt to negotiate with the gunman, but were instantly shot in the head. Others made an attempt to flee into the water surrounding the island, only to find the other shore was almost a kilometre away from them.

Now, as reports beginning to roll in of Breivik’s court hearing, currently underway, details of his strange request to have it open for the public and media – as well as allowing him to wear a military uniform with a skull signature – are ruffling even more feathers.

The man finished his statement by explaining that he thought his actions were necessary and that he takes no criminal responsibility. His lawyer also added that his client “…was after a revolution”.