farewell Google Labs.

Google announced today that it will close its Google Lab enterprise, mainly known to test and collect new prototypes for the expanding company.

With extremely popular and successful products already available for the public, Google has decided to turn all of its eyes to its current revenue-makers.

We all know that the search engine giant has been attempting to break into the social-networking game for quite some time , having many difficulties and faults in their previous experiments of Google Wave and Google Breeze, but the coorporation has claimed that this will become their biggest project yet – enter Google+.

Labs, such as Google Health, have been slowly disconnected from the server in the past 12 months, bringing in the decision to end even more in the next few. 

This also means the end of Google’s 20 per cent time – the allowance for employees to work on their own prototypes for the company.

But the giant has claimed that it will still have a major influence on the company’s future experiments.

“We’ll continue to devote a subset of our time to newer and experiment projects,” stated a Google rep to TechCrunch.com earlier today.

Of course, this means further surprises and excitement to come for the new social-network masterpiece that is giving Facebook and Twitter a run for its money.