the saints are coming.

She has been quickly hated by masses around the world for her disgraced track, Friday, which took the social media world into a storm after its release on Youtube.

Labelled one of the worse songs of all time, Friday gained more than 35 million viewers and was later taken down by Black’s record label, after a heavy dispute.

Now, as Black deals with ongoing internet abuse – and even death threats – the Youtube sensation has taken it upon herself to turn things around.

After appearances in Katy Perry’s newest video clip, Last Friday Night (TGIF) and references on recent episodes of Glee, Black willingly decided to take her profile to a higher level.

The 13 year-old announced to Jay Leno on his late-night show, her ideas to donate a majority of her savings earned from her first (and most hated) single, to the disaster area of Japan.

Despite gaining almost as many dislikes on Youtube than viewers, Black confirmed that her plans are all in the name of generosity and aid, and that it is time to move on from the “haters”.

“I’m 13 … so being a teenager, you care about what other people think about you…But now I don’t even read them, so they don’t bug me.”