Generation Y-am-I-so-lonely?

Put down that tub of ice-cream and perk your ears my way single ladies and gents, perhaps I am here to save the day.

Well, hardly, but I can shed some light on the sensitive topic of your loneliness. 

Hey! I said put that tub down! 


If you have attended a glorious wedding, full of weeping bridesmaids and cake – which could have you bursting your buttons –  chances are that you could also be feeling slightly down in the dumps. 

The latest surveys from Relationships Australia have shown that Generation Y are the lonliest bunch yet. 

Australians, aged 24-30, reported a result of 30% feeling lonley and constantly, or at least frequently [Mashable]. 

How ironic, given the amazing connection they (or perhaps even, I) have with the social networking world. 

If you ask any of these subjects, they will tell you that social networking has an extremely positive effect on their dating lives, but is this really the case?

According to Seventeen Magazine’s recent study on social media and love lives, Facebook and Twitter are becoming an increasingly vital reliance for those on the prowl.

 The study — which polled 10,000 guys and girls ages 16 to 21 — revealed that Facebook plays an important part in how amorous teens make a connection. Within one week of meeting a new person, 79% of people click “friend,” and after adding a new friend; 60% of people stalk their crush’s profile once a day (40% check in on their would-be soulmate several times a day). []

So perhaps the World Wide Web will be the saviour for some, and the answer to their prayers for others, but once you sign back into reality, how do you pull off genuine communication without losing your “online” cool?