sticks and stones.

Last nights airing of Australia’s newest opinion-operated show, Can of Worms, saw the the arising of one of the nations most sensitive topics.

Former Carlton President, John Elliot referred to the indigenous race of Aboriginals as “Abos”, claiming that it was simply the way he was brought up.

The rest of the panel, however, were less than impressed – much like the nation.

“I was in St Paul’s Cathedral the other day and there’s the Dean of the Church and all he did for the first five minutes was talk about the Abos,” Elliott said, apologising immediately – and perhaps half-heartedly – for his language.

Call me a modernist, but hasn’t there been worse things said on national television?

I recall many couch-sessions, watching the countdowns on MTV and hearing touchy and indecent language, word after word.

After all, that is just the way that we – and those artists – were brought up.

Yet, I bet generations above us – including Elliot’s – would be quick to raise their disgust in the lyrical actions of such singers.

Where exactly is the border crossed, where you move from being an individual of standards, to a person of hypocritical ways?

That is, Mr. Elliot, did you not recently state that “all manners in society today were lost”?