Julia Gillard has announced that a Carbon Tax will be implimented into Australia in July, 2012.

The statement comes after the Prime Minister publicly promised voters that the tax would never be enforced to Australian law and finance.

Now, after Gillard addressed the nation earlier this week, and today, the PM has a major job of proving the tax is worth its trouble.

As a step towards “environmental welfare and policy”, the carbon tax will attempt to force Australian residents into rethinking their carbon footprint. 

It also means significant tax cuts for those that earn over $80,000 a year.

However, the PM has announced that the remaining tax payers will recieve a $300 payout, with no extra increase in other taxes. She has also stated that 2015-2016 will see the induction of more tax cuts.

That’s if she is still in office.

A fixed period for the Carbon Tax implementation has been created to allow for beginning low prices, until eventually increasing to $24.15 a tonne in 2013 and a further dollar in 2014.

It is still early days for the new scheme, but it seems as if Gillard has certainly promised the nation a headache.