Set to shove Facebook and Twitter off their Social Network thrones, Google+ is about to be unleashed upon the mass media world. 

After years in the making, Google have announced their plans for their “top secret” project, with a current trial for a limited number of invitees to join in on the project this week. 

Google have explained that their public release of Google+ has been delayed several times, with their commitment and dedication to get their product spot on with perfection. 

The network will work in a similar way to Facebook, with the notifications still being highlighted in red, and will run alongside current Google products. 

And just like before, the News Feed will be replaced with the “Stream”, giving users a similar vibe to the already popluar social media giants. 

One thing is for sure, Google+ is going to give Facebook and Twitter a run for their money. I’d add in Myspace, but let’s face it  – that ship has sailed.