Optical Illusion.

...or mirage?



Call it what you may, but China has recently experienced one of the most mind-baffling sights in the recent decade.

Earlier this month, a ‘ghostly’ city appeared over the Xin’an River in China’s inner city, causing onlookers to stare in disbelief.

Some residents claim that these sights are becoming regular in China, with many complex appearances – such as this one – becoming more and more common.

Whilst some label it as a haunting from the paranormal world, scientists are putting it down to it being a ‘mirage’.

The city appeared after a heavy downpour of rain, causing an overload of moisture to be released into the air.

In Australia, we are used to the average pool-of-water mirage that appear on the roads, but this sight seems to capture extreme and intricate details – trees, lights, buildings and hills.

I’ll let you decide.

Ghostly city...