First came ‘planking’, then came ‘cone-ing’…now comes the all-new phase of ‘bagelheads’. If you try to imagine what this term could possibly mean, many things can spring to mind. Trust me, this is one that definitely takes the cake and tops the bizarre list of phenomenons that are striking up the world this year. 

Spreading through Japan like wildfire, the procedure of having salin injected into local areas of your forehead, in hopes to inflame the spot into a bagel-like shape, is becoming the new ‘do’ for all the go-getters and eager-eyed daredevils. 

Through an IV, the salin is being used to inflate body, hands boobs and the forehead in attempt to create a deformed ‘art’ piece under the individual’s skin. 

It doesn’t stop there. 

Food colouring can be added  to the salin solution to change the colour of the bulges under the skin, to match the taste of interest desired. 

Currently, the art is used before a big night out at nightclubs or bars, in order to attracted attention and impress crowds. 

Unfortunately for those that are eager to test out the trend, it comes with a bunch of side effects, including swollen eyes and stretched skin. 

One good thing comes to me from this – my body will never let me digest a donut again.