legalising love.

Yesterday marked American history, with the legalising of gay marriage in New York City.

In the new bill, the senate voted for the allowance of the marriages, in a hope that the positive feel will spread across the rest of the US.

After signing the rights on Friday night, gay marriages are expected to commence after the one month anniversary of the legalisation and will play a major role in attracting lovers from across the entire country.

The bill allows for any gay couple to be married, with or without a residency in that state – a sure fact for a boost in visitors.

New York now joins six other US states, including Massachusetts – the first state to legalising the marriage in 2004 – and is attracting the attention of celebrities, Lady Gaga and Pink, who have been pushing for the move on Twitter this year.

Though the news is appealing and valuable for many of the population, the other majority, who are unimpressed by the move, have clearly stated that Obama has been “tiptoeing around the issue” for quite some time, giving the passing of the law a bit of hesitancy.

Still, Obama has not approached the news in an address to the nation, but has rather had his spokespeople do it for him. Such behaviour is forcing people to suggest that this will hurt the President and his party in the near future.

Where’s those rainbow flags, guys?