Perhaps most of us Gleeks never thought about the upcoming graduation of our favourite characters, or perhaps forgot they even needed to graduate.

Don’t worry girls, I know what you’re thinking, but it is time to say goodbye to Finn…

..and a whole heap of the oddball funnies that have made the show what it is.

Next season will bring the senior year for some Glee Club members, including Quinn, Santana and a few others, who will graduate at the end of season 3, bringing with it the emotional seperation of the iconic group as we know it.

Creator of Glee, Ryan Murphy, has explained that the plans for the show to change in cast will not consist of a complete turn around.

“There are some people who are not seniors and there are some people that are REALLY intellectually challenged. Like, you know that Britney is pulling straight Fs. Sam is not a senior. I believe Blaine is not a senior.”

However, Murphy has revealed that the hilarious Sue Sylvester will have ended her Glee club hate, and move it onto a whole new character, who will be centre of her attention and will be one of the new additions to the show.

Murphy and his team have also told fans that they are currently chasing two lead female roles.

All this in 2012.