beyond the grave.

If you’ve heard the news, Ryan Dunn faked his death in what has been labelled as the most “elaborate Jackass prank” ever pulled off. 

If you’ve heard the news, you would also know that this is untrue. 

After the tragic announcement of Dunn’s death, due to a fatal car accident crossed with drink driving last Monday, rumours of the Jackass co-star’s plans to create a hoax of his own death, have begun to surface. 

Fans of the stuntman have posted their disbelief on social networks and blogs,

having being reeled in by the apparent hoax. 

Sadly, for them, and Dunn’s family and friends, his death was a complete reality. 

Website Technolog, also had their thoughts on the prank.

“… We don’t understand why anyone would want to destroy a car as beautiful as that [Porsche 911 GT3].” 

The world still continues to express their greivances and best wishes to Dunn’s family, friends and the man himself. 

Rest in peace, Ryan.