a touch of toilet humour.

I’m all for comedies, especially comedies that men seem to enjoy more than women. Perhaps it is my warped sense of humour, or perhaps I just enjoy a good laugh or two about toilet humour. Mostly, it is all of the above, which is all the more reason to seek out those hil-a-rious films that really tickle my fancy.

And I found one.

Starring Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph, the..well..not so classy film takes on the cliche best-girlfriend-gets-married storyline, but twists it into a way that can only make you giggle yourself silly.

After being branded as the bridesmaid to her beloved best friend, Annie (Kristen Wiig) is determined to organise the biggest lead up to the wedding that she can offer. Just like anything, competition has its ways and Annie is left to compete with fellow bridesmaid Helen, to top off the celebrations.

It is all up to the ladies to put the cherry on top of the cake and lets face it, they do it in a way that will have you rolling with fits of laughter. Or perhaps just me, even if it was a front row ticket.

But like any film you see, it comes with a secondary storyline, where the single woman watching her best friend wed, is left in her own lonley life to find love. I won’t spoil the ending for you.

Bridesmaids! It’s showing now, so I suggest you bring a spare pair of underwear if you have a weak bladder.