nicki minaj.

Previously, I have posted about the classy Lady Gaga and stunning Sia, but tonight I felt a little bit hip-hop and decided to take the road to Nicki Minaj.

If you haven’t heard of her already, she is hitting the Australian music charts like there is no tomorrow, with her track “Superbass”, and featuring in several artists songs, such as ‘Lil Wayne, Eminem and Rihanna. 

Much like Gaga, Nicki Minaj takes on the style of self-expression, presenting herself with a large variety of hairstyles and hair colours, that keep her fans eyes glued to her ever-changing appearance. She also likes to mention herself in every single track that she releases – a very Gaga thing to do.

The 26 year-old rapper also mixes things up, duetting with her own abilities, allowing herself to hit the notes in beautiful melody, or hit the words like the hip-hop artist that she is.

Her album Pink Friday is her first to debut in the real music world, being discovered and signed by ‘Lil Wayne himself.  

Strangely, and not unlike other celebrities, Minaj has created many alter egos in her past, mainly to avoid and hide from the terror in her childhood and youth. With parents constantly fighting, Minaj took on the alter ego of ‘Cookie’ then ‘Harijuku Barbie’ and after several more, ‘Nicki Minaj. 

Look out for the Minaj Barbie herself, set to be in the centre spotlight this year.