the appreciation sensation.

Lately, I have experienced a hard, hurtful past month – full of pain, unstable emotions and the constant need to tell myself that things will get better. Mainly, this is life, but it is also a part of the environment, people and events around you. 

Taking things each day as it comes, I am having the habit to remind myself of things that are coming up that I can look forward to. When that day is over, I am yet again left finding the next best thing to wake up to. This is what happens when you have decided that things in your life need to continue, even when the world feels as if it is stopping every ticking capability in your confidence, to find the strength to move on. This is what death brings. 

However, as I write this, I am settling down in a couch that could only be deemed as heavenly, watching Grey’s Anatomy and house sitting the most beautiful location in my area. Sometimes, it is the little things that get you by, like someone asking you to take care of their house and pets while they are away, or going out for a night knowing that you don’t have to haul yourself out of bed early the next day. 

Sometimes, for me, it takes only a comforting view of Twilight on my little screen and a hot chocolate to get me by. 

I call this the appreciation sensation.