out with the old, in with the new.

Cone-ing; the new practical joke phenomenon, has taken Australia by a storm, originating from a single man in Melbourne.

Consisting of a trip through a fast food restaurant drive-through, the prankster orders a soft serve cone, and recieves it by grasping the the ice-cream content of the product, rather than the cone itself.

A video posted on Youtube by Alki Stevens, shows himself in a number of restaurants, taking out the act of cone-ing, though the footage was not meant for anything but a laugh.

The joke has now turned into the new ‘planking’, with social-networking sites being flooded with stories and videos of other individuals experiences.

However, it is not just Australians that are embracing the phenomenon, but also a large number of American’s who have been sending Stevens their own versions of cone-ing, from all over the states.

Well, at least cone-ing is a lot less risky…

One soft serve, please.