nature’s ways.

Mother Nature has a wonderful and fascinating way of expressing herself, especially with the recent eruption of a Chile volcano last week.

The blow caused volcanic ash and smoke to be thrown 10km upwards, and to sail 10,000km east, to the shores of Australia and New Zealand.

Now, with the wind pushing the cloud further south, airports are struggling to keep their flights maintained, with the risk of endangering staff and passengers.

Australian airports in Victoria, Australia, have cancelled a large number of their flights, leaving flyers grounded and frustrated.

The ash cloud poses a threat to the operations of international flying, leaving staff thrown into chaos with very limited remaining options.

Aviation authorities are concerned that the clouds behaviour is threatening, with its mass reaching the upper stratosphere and becoming trapped.

For now, airlines are being left to make their own decisions, though outlooks only give them a span of 12 hours into the insight of the cloud’s activity.

Volcano in Chile.