a big step for little hooves.

Today marks the achievement and success of Australian protests against live trade export. 

Following the discovery of brutal mistreatment of our cattle in hundreds of Indonesian abattoirs, the movement for a ban on the procedures has been wildly promoted by a majority of Australians, through social networking and an official petition – later put forth to the PM herself. 

After ABC program, Four Corners, presented footage of gory and disturbing beatings of cattle in foreign abattoirs, the push for a humane system has become a hot topic on conversation agendas. 

Since its airing, meat consumption has dropped by 10-20% every day. 

Celebrities had endorsed the movement on their Twitter sites, pleading for fellow Australians to join the act against live trade export. 

Today, Gillard announced that a temporary ban has been placed on the system, and outgoing cattle will be held back from export until a better system is devised. 

”This suspension will remain until we can make sure cattle from Australia are treated properly at every step of the supply chain,” Gillard explained to The Age.

For now, Australians – like myself – can sleep soundly, knowing that such destruction of innocent animals is not being carried out on or around our shores (at least in this relation).