the big 5.

If you are an iPhone owner, like myself, I can imagine you would be completely beside yourself with the announcement of the release for Apple’s iOS 5.

This operating system update for iPhone and iPad, will bring some of the newest and most advanced features in mobile devices yet, and attempt to put all other competitors to their graves.

With a notification systems that acts as an all-round centre, the OS will provide users with instant access to the newest of new in their socialising and communication. The lock screen will also display all of these notifications, with a swipe of your finger to get you straight to them.

Even text messaging will be updated, with ellipses (…) acting as a sign to notify users that someone is in the process of replying to any previous messages sent. Watch out boys, your girlfriends will have you pinned!

And, well, to those that feel they can do without it, Apple have introduced the ability to own one of these devices, without ownership of a PC or Mac.  Future models will allow you to work them straight from their box, download updates via the device itself and edit photos from the original library.

Many more features, perhaps too many to mention, are packed into this spanking new OS, and will no doubt bring smug grins to all Apple users.

Now, we just have to wait – but hopefully not for long – with the release due this month.

Image: Apple