show me your teeth.

I write this not for the mere fact that I am totally beside myself with excitement, but also to perhaps warn the haters, the mockers, and the downright dissers, that the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn official trailer is now available for public viewing.

For those of you – like myself – that absolutely adore it, we have the smarty-pants that leaked the clip, ahead of its debut at the MTV Awards, to thank.

Though it shows nothing more than we already know; a wedding, some jealousy and a topless Taylor Lautner, the one minute and sixty seconds of glorious, vampire fun, is definitely a treat for preying eyes. Or perhaps a teaser.

The film is set for realease in November 2011, where part one of the last novel will hit the big screen.

Yes, it is a long, nail-biting wait until then, but that is what the trailer is for – play, repeat, play, repeat.

You can catch the official trailer here at