how much is that doggy in the window?

Historical writer and author, Dr. Bondeson, has come forth to announce that Hitler had been building an army of dogs, prior to his death in 1945.

There is no big deal about a bunch of barking dogs, afterall, the Nazi’s were a lot more capable than unleashing a few rabbid canines; these animals were claimed to have been able to talk.

Hitler with his German Shepard, Blondi.

Hitler’s so-called army of ‘talking dogs’, was predicted to be the dictator’s biggest weapon – and most secret – that wasn’t put into action.

Unfortunately for Hitler, the furthest the talking canines got was greeting noblemen and women, by spelling out letters with a tap of their paw. With each letter of the alphabet having a certain amount of taps, Hitler’s dogs had apparently been able to ask a respected guest, “can you wag your tail?”

Hitler’s German Pointer impressed the handlers, by stating it was hungry and wanted cake. They had named him Don.

According to Bondeson, Nazi’s believed dogs to be just as – if not more – intelligent than humans and felt they should be respected as equals.

I’m not too sure what Hitler had in mind, when he thought teaching his German Shepard how to talk would win him the war against the jews.

You learn something everyday.

Source: Courier Mail