dirty laundry.

It is fairly obvious, and perhaps needless to say, that pornography and adult material are banned at educational institutes, and frowned up by much of the public. At least in Australia.

The New York City Library has allowed access to Adult Fiction to that of the public, with its services enabling kids of all ages to view and engage pornography online.

The filters that are blocking the sites, on the library’s computers, are easily bypassed by kids even aged only 13 years-old. Boxes unchecked, enter their fake age and away they go. 

However, the library is defending its poor security by explaining that only 5% of internet traffic, on their system, is that of adult content. 


In such a dangerous time and place, the need for security on public internet services is more crucial than ever. 

Next time your child tells you they are off to study at the local library – rethink.