the justice of our cattle.

Finally, our Federal Government of Australia, is finding it necessary to take another look at live export trading in our nation.

Last night, ABC program Four Corners, aired footage of abbatoirs in Indonesia, dealing with cattle from Australia. These videos and images were disturbing, horric and heartbreaking – and not just for the animal lover.

Disturbing image from 'Four Corners' of Indonesian abattoir.

Cattle were dismembered during conciousness, beaten, whipped and kicked, all before it was their turn for slaughter.

Now, Julia Gillard is calling to put a ban on live export trading, insisiting that the procedures taken out internationally to deal with the animals, are beyond inhumane.

Those that run the LiveCorp trading system in Indonesian relations to Australian cattle, have stated that they will no longer tolerate the actions of these abbatoirs, but insist that live export trading is vital for our nation’s economy.

If you want to help support the move to ban live export for Australia, log on to twitter and give your support to #banliveexport or head to and sign the petition.