congratulations! it’s a boy…er…girl….boy?

A couple in Canada have decided that they will not announce the gender of their four month-old child, as a decision to let it decide for itself.

The baby, named Storm, will grow up without a gender, as an experiement of the parents to leave the baby to decide its own sexual identity, without any previous labels. 

The pair are also parents to another son, Jazz, who the other day purchased a pink dress out of self-choice. He is also unschooled, as will Storm be, and the parents have claimed that by attending education, Jazz will be subjected to bullying because he dresses as the opposite gender.

So how come he doesn’t get this choice of his own?

The children of this couple have been asked to keep Storm’s gender a secret, or to even talk about the young child in public. As a reward, the children are allowed to dress up as cross-dressers, should they choose to.

That’s a lot of confusion for very young children.