the shadows in the dark.

For some odd reason, a lot of my conversations this week have involved the use of ouija boards, one of the darkest and mysterious objects in paranormal conspiracies.

A ouija board, is used to contact spirits, and “communicate” with them through question and answers. The board is placed in front of the user with a pointer positioned on top of the board to allow for the paranormal to respond. This is then “moved” by the spirit, to different letters across the board (to spell out), or  to ‘Yes’, ‘No’ and ‘Goodbye’.

Though I have never attempted using this thrilling tool, I have listened to my friends and family talk about their own experiences with them, and the sort of effects that approached them afterwards. Majority were convinced that they spoke to the dead.

But after considerable amounts of research this weekend, I have discovered that although participants feel that something other than human is moving the indicator around the board, it is actually their unconcious physicality that is. This is known as the ideometer effect; the individual will swear that they did not move a muscle, when in fact they did, through the part of the brain that does not contact the conscience first.

In the US, John Tucker murdered several people, where his mother claimed that he did so, only whilst he was possessed by a demon that had contacted him, during a recent seance with a ouija board.

Since then, toy company Hasbro, was forced to stop producing them.

It has been considered, in today’s age, that these boards are becoming more harmful, and are meddling with “dark spirits”. If  that is the case, I have one question…

Why are they still sold in toy stores?